Cash Home Buying FAQs

Shyft have helped sell thousands of homes across the UK and are one of the largest companies in the market. We thrive on great word of mouth and helping out our clients. Our process costs you nothing whether you choose to sell to us or not, and you know exactly when you’ll get your money for the sale.

There’s no hidden fees therefore you can be aware of precisely what you’re getting.

We don’t make our money from you and offer a fair price value for your home. Instead, we make our money when we decide to sell the property later. This means we take the risk of finding a buyer and the time it takes to sell the property, along with price volatility.

Shyft is proud to be part of the National Association of Property Buyers, and the Property Ombudsman regulates us.

We have one mission, to get you the right offer fast. We aim to get money into your bank account within a week. This enables you to focus on the next step of your life, not when will it occur!

Get in touch and throw some questions our way; you’re under no obligation and will never be charged any fee, no matter the outcome.

Shyft has a dedicated team of specialists that guarantee the sale of your home. We have an active list of buyers and extensive cash reserves to complete the sale. We don’t need mortgage lenders and handle all property evaluation and legal processes! We cut out the middleman, streamlining the whole process. We don’t need to ask for commissions or hide fees in our operation. We don’t make our money from you but on the purchase of the property. We carry all the risk, including the time to sell a property, closing deals, and everything else.

We provide you with a sales guarantee that you’ll have money in your bank account between 7 and 28 days in some more complex property sales. We tell you the day you get your money in the account and can arrange when you want the last day on the property to be. Everything we do is to give you favourable conditions for you to sell us your property.

We solve the headache of gaining fast liquidity from your equity. We provide you with fair value based on neighbouring properties and the property’s general condition. As a result, you get money fast, with no hidden fees, and you don’t have to arrange anything. 

We want your property and make our money from selling it to others. To get your property, we want to provide you with current fair value with no fees whatsoever. We can achieve this through having our own team of specialists that provide an end-to-end solution. The risk of closing the deal between you and us is all on us. You are never under any obligation to complete, and we will never ask you to pay for any part of the process, whether you decide to sell or not!

For some who can’t wait for the 7 to 28 days for the money to be in your account, we can provide a cash advance that has no interest or fees attached to it as an advance on the sale of the property.

We currently hold a 4.4 rating on Trustpilot and a 5-star rating on Google reviews. Check out the reviews to find out what our clients think of us. You can also call us and find out who regulates us and talk to each regulatory body to see if we are genuine.

You can also request our financial reports to see if we have free cash to pay for properties like yours. We understand that selling a high-value asset like a home can be scary, so we’re more than glad to provide you with whatever details you need to settle your nerves.

We hold large cash reserves along with having a partner list that we can offer the property to for sale. The list is extensive, with investors and prospectors looking for appreciating assets to generate long-term wealth. This means we have options, either holding the property until the price appreciates and selling it for a profit or selling it directly to our partners. Being a large respectable company, we are never short of buyers.

As we have deep pockets, holding properties in bad markets is possible for us, and we can take the risk when sales can’t. Also, we never need a mortgage or bridging loans to complete deals and have integrated and streamlined verticals; we never need 3rd parties.

Estate agents always need to find someone to sell to. Unfortunately, they make their money on undertaking the sales process and erode your profitability. If the estate agent is not reaching the right buyers to mispricing the property, you’ll have problems selling your home.

Sure, you could get a higher valuation from an estate agent sometimes, but when you want a fast sell-off, they’ll undercut you on fair value for the area and ask you for a commission on top of that!

We provide you with a fair property value and charge you nothing for a fast sale. In addition, we provide an end-to-end solution where you also don’t have to engage multiple 3rd parties like surveyors or legal teams; we handle it all!

Working with us gives you a fair price fast. So give us a call to get on with your life, and so you don’t need to wait for multiple parties to finish profit-eating tasks on a very long road to a completed sale.